• 3 Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

    While residential garage doors are quite sturdy and reliable, there are a variety of common issues which can result in the need for a garage door repair. Your ability to spot these issues can help you to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Continue reading to learn more about some of the signs that your garage door is in need of professional repairs.  #1: There Is A Delay In Your Garage Door Opening 
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  • Garage Door Repair — Get It Right

    Garage door problems are progressive, and they might strike when you least expect them. Luckily most garage door problems are fixable without the need for replacement. Here is how to get your garage door repair done correctly. Non-functional garage remote If your garage door is automated, you probably have a garage door remote that opens and closes your garage door. If the remote isn't functional, troubleshoot it by replacing the batteries, removing any obstructions, or reprogramming it.
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  • Common Garage Door Problems And Their Fixes

    A time will come when your garage door will stop functioning as well as it used to. It can be due to old age or a hidden issue. But when you notice something unusual, it is paramount to seek professional garage door services right away. Ignoring a seemingly minor issue can lead to an enormous problem requiring a lot of money to fix. Below are some of the common issues that affect the functionality of these doors.
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