Garage Door Repair — Get It Right

Posted on: 2 May 2022

Garage door problems are progressive, and they might strike when you least expect them. Luckily most garage door problems are fixable without the need for replacement. Here is how to get your garage door repair done correctly.

Non-functional garage remote

If your garage door is automated, you probably have a garage door remote that opens and closes your garage door. If the remote isn't functional, troubleshoot it by replacing the batteries, removing any obstructions, or reprogramming it.

An LED bulb that interrupts the signal to the opener is another cause of a faulty remote. Solve this issue by operating the remote near the garage door.

Noisy Garage Door

Squeaks, rattles, grinds, and pops from your garage door can become irritating. Garage doors should be silent when opening and closing.

To fix a noisy garage door, lubricate its rollers, hinges, and tracks. You should also check for loose nuts, bolts, or screws and tighten them.

Contact a garage door repair technician for further assistance or replacements if the issue persists.

Garage Doesn't Close or Open Fully

Faulty or dirty sensors, tracks, rollers, and trolleys cause garage doors not to close all the way. On the other hand, faulty springs and logic board, obstructions, and imbalance cause garage doors to not fully open.

If you're experiencing any of the two issues, you'll need to find a technician to fix the issue before it worsens. For example, a garage door spring repair fixes garage door spring issues. Also, clean your garage door sensors and tracks often to eliminate garage door opening and closing issues.

Garage Door Keeps Reversing

An automated garage door has safety features that cause them to reverse when it detects an obstruction automatically. Unfortunately, if your automated garage door reverses often, its safety sensors might be dirty or obstructed. To troubleshoot the problem, clean the photo eyes, tracks, and the area around the garage door.

Check and adjust the limit knob on the garage door operator as well.

Garage Door Goes Down Fast

Automatic garage doors are designed to fall at a slow and consistent speed. However, fast garage door movements can be fatal to children or pets and need immediate attention. 

Snapped cables, loose springs, and broken wheels are the major culprits of garage doors that barrel down too fast. Tighten the springs and replace worn-out cables and wheels as soon as possible. If you cannot do it, contact a trusted garage door repair technician for help.

Garage Door Repair Is Now Easy

Many homeowners take their garage doors for granted until they start malfunctioning. Don't be one of them!

Performing a garage door repair won't be necessary if you maintain regular inspections and periodically consult a professional for your garage door maintenance.