Garage Door Problems That Require A Repair

Posted on: 14 July 2023

A number of small problems can occur with your garage door system that can lead to the door not functioning at all if they are not repaired. An issue with loose tension springs can cause issues with the opener or may not hold the door in the open position. Brackets that come loose should be replaced so that the tracks are parallel. If your door changes direction midstream, you will want to make sure there isn't anything in the track to cause the reversal. When your garage door system is making loud noises or is not opening and closing like normal, it's time to have a garage door repair technician investigate further.

Problems from Loose Tension Springs

Tension springs become loose over time and should never be adjusted by an amateur. These are tightly coiled springs and can snap if you tighten them too much. If your opener is struggling to open your garage door, your tension springs may not be holding the weight of the door as it opens. Try opening your garage door, and watch it when the door stops in the open position. If it closes more than a few inches when it's fully open, the tension springs need to be adjusted.

Track Issues that Hinder Performance

The two tracks that guide your garage door need to be parallel in order for the door to open and close smoothly. The brackets become loose over time because of the vibration of the garage door. Debris can also get into your tracks, causing problems as the door tries to move through the area. If your door reverses direction or struggles at a particular point, you could have a missing bracket.

Loud Noises When the Door Opens or Closes

If you notice new sounds when your garage door is opening and closing, one of the most common problems is that your garage door wheels need more lubrication. The noise could be coming from your opener and may be a sign that it is starting to fail. It's possible that debris got into one of your wheels, causing the noise. Check the tracks and wheels to see if there is anything stuck in the way.

Garage door issues should be repaired whenever you notice them to prevent the system from breaking completely. If you don't change tension springs as needed, they can snap without warning. Contact a garage door repair technician to learn more.