Common Garage Door Problems And Their Fixes

Posted on: 26 January 2022

A time will come when your garage door will stop functioning as well as it used to. It can be due to old age or a hidden issue. But when you notice something unusual, it is paramount to seek professional garage door services right away. Ignoring a seemingly minor issue can lead to an enormous problem requiring a lot of money to fix. Below are some of the common issues that affect the functionality of these doors.

Squeaky Garage Door

The opening and closing motion of the garage door stresses the supporting tracks and causes friction to the bearings. This issue can turn into a nuisance if you have a bedroom above or near the garage.

One of the remedies for a noisy garage door is the replacement of the failing components. Furthermore, moving parts such as rollers require lubrication every few months to keep them running smoothly. But before lubricating, remove all dirt and debris from the components with a dry brush. That's because dirt stops the lubricant from reaching all the corners.

Worn-out door hinges and rollers will also cause the door to squeak and need to be replaced. However, investing in professional garage door servicing is the best way to keep off these annoying sounds. 

Frozen Garage Door

Garage doors fail to open as efficiently as before during the cold winter months since they freeze to the ground. When this happens, opening and closing the door can damage the motor and gears.

To remove the ice on your door and the weather seal, pour hot water into the stuck section. Then, open the door quickly as soon as the ice thaws. Delaying opening the door could freeze the door again as the temperatures outside are still cold. Scrapping away the ice gently using an ice-scraper is also an excellent solution.

Garage Door Opener Issues

The opener can fail for various reasons. When the door develops a problem in its power source, the switch operator and the remote control cease to function. The problem can arise due to an unplugged motor unit, a blown fuse, faulty circuit breaker, or other electrical faults. However, you should call a garage door technician for these repairs, owing to the risks involved in electrical work.

Various factors can lead to a failing wireless remote system. For instance, a radio that is too far from the system might not work effectively. Furthermore, the issue can result from a damaged motor unit antenna or one facing the wrong direction. But it can also be as simple as dying batteries, requiring a replacement. 

Proper maintenance of your garage door ensures effective and prolonged service. But, more importantly, addressing the issues above in time keeps your door in good shape all around the year. Contact a local garage door repair company to learn more.