Guide To The Different Types Of Home Garage Doors

Posted on: 6 October 2021

A garage door provides security to your car by limiting access to the inside of the garage. Additionally, garage doors can increase curb appeal if you choose the right door material and design. The market offers a range of styles to suit every home. If you're shopping for home garage doors, here are a few various types to consider.

Roller Doors

Roller home garage doors open vertically using slats and are an excellent choice for less spacious garages. Due to the roller door's vertical opening mechanism, the door doesn't take up ceiling space, leaving enough room for lamps or extra storage space. Also, the door leaves enough space on your driveway's front. Besides, the door operates electrically, avoiding manual operations that can be time-wasting and tedious.

Manufacturers usually use metal to construct roller garage doors, which makes the doors long-lasting. The doors can also withstand heavy usage and resist rusting and weather damage. This makes roller doors slightly more costly.

Side Sliding Doors  

Side-sliding residential garage doors are typically automated and have bottom rollers that move on a floor rail when opening or closing. This simple opening mechanism saves garage space, and you can use this extra space to store other items. The doors also don't open outward can help save on your parking space. Additionally, side-sliding doors can open slightly for convenient bicycle or pedestrian access into the garage. The partial opening can also prevent heat loss from the garage.

Sectional Doors

Sectional home garage doors are a popular choice for many homeowners and consist of panels interconnected with hinges. While the door is opening or closing, the wheels on each panel automatically rotate on the vertical tracks on the door's sides. Once the door opens fully, it becomes parallel to the ceiling.

Manufacturers usually make sectional doors from steel, which is durable and has minimal maintenance demands. However, you can choose from various materials, including aluminum, glass, and wood. Also, you can customize the garage door by adding features like windows and quality finishing.

Up-and-Over Doors

Up and over home garage doors are a perfect choice if you have a large driveway space. The doors come as one slab and often have a hinge that can open manually or use an electric mechanism, allowing for outward opening. When fully open, an up and over door becomes parallel to the ceiling.

Additionally, the doors come in a range of materials and styles that you can select to fit your home.   The common types of home garage doors include up-and-over, roller, sectional, and side sliding doors. Consider these residential garage door types when shopping for a garage door.