How To Choose A New Garage Door And Prepare For A Garage Door Replacement

Posted on: 16 September 2020

If you're improving the curb appeal of your home and getting a new garage door, you may wonder what's involved with the process and what you need to do to prepare. You'll need to be home so you can give the garage door company access to your garage, but there's not much you need to do when the work is underway. Here are some preparation steps to take when choosing your new door and to ensure safe working conditions for the installers.

Use An App To Visualize Different Door Styles

Choosing a new door is easier if you can see what it would look like on your home. Try using a garage door visualizer app that lets you upload a picture of your home and place different garage doors on it. This lets you try out different styles and colors to see what goes best with your home.

Have A Home Visit

Once you've chosen your door, schedule a home visit so the installer can take measurements and check the door frame. This is also a good time to ask about preparations you need to make for installation day. You might also pick out where you want the controls placed and finalize any other details about your garage door replacement.

Make Room In Your Garage

One thing you'll need to do is clean out space in your garage for the installers and their equipment. If your garage is cluttered, you may need to move things indoors or to a side yard so the installers have plenty of free space around the door to work safely.

Move Your Car

You'll have to move your car out of the garage, and you may need to park it elsewhere if you can't park it on the street. The garage door company truck needs to park near your garage door, so leave plenty of space for the truck on the driveway.

Learn About The Equipment

Once your garage door has been replaced, discuss its operation with the installers. Learn how to operate it and care for your door. You should also have an owner's manual to keep in a safe place to refer to when it's time for maintenance or troubleshooting.

A new garage door gives your home a fresh appearance, and it may even provide better home security too. Plus, newer doors are often safer than old doors. A new garage door should provide many years of service as long as you maintain it properly. A garage door replacement is a beneficial upgrade when you want to remodel or just improve the exterior of your home.

To learn more, reach out to a local garage door company.