Residential Garage Door Installation For Improved Function And Security

Posted on: 23 October 2019

Garage door systems eventually wear out. The door itself can last up to 30 years, but the opener and any components can break much earlier. If you are continuously calling for garage door repairs and feel like you are wasting your money on an old system, it's time for a new residential garage door installation. When your garage door isn't staying open all the way, or if you find it takes several attempts to open and close your door all the way, garage door repair or replacement is necessary. Your garage door technician will come and assess the functionality of your garage door and make recommendations based on what they find. 

Garage Door Spring Repair

Problems with your garage door springs can lead to a dangerous situation. It's not safe to adjust your garage door springs when you don't know what you are doing, so leave that work up to a professional. If your springs are loose, it can take your door much longer than normal to open. When your door is open all the way, it can start to shut because the springs are not supporting the heavy weight. Springs can snap, which will make an open door slam to the ground without warning. 

Your System Keeps Breaking

Even when your opener has been replaced and your door seems to be in decent shape, there are times when your garage door system continues to fail. Wheels get worn out over time, as do brackets and tracks. As your system gets older, it will eventually need to be completely replaced. The money you spend on constant repairs is better spent investing in a new residential garage door installation.

Enjoy New Technology

Once you decide that a new garage door installation is in order, consider the different technology you can include in your system. Technology now enables you to open and close your garage door from a remote location using your smart phone. You can program your smart phone as an opener and don't have to worry about remote controls. It's easy to allow someone into your home when you aren't there using your remote access system.

When you want a door that offers better security and doesn't break all the time, a new residential garage door is the answer. You will have an updated system that keeps your home safe and protects the interior of your garage from the elements. Update your existing garage door for better security.