Are You Getting Your Garage In Tip-Top Shape?

Posted on: 21 February 2019

Did you neglect your garage during these cold winter months? Perhaps you got super busy with all of the holiday events you attended, and then you just plain procrastinated getting your garage clean and organized. Maybe the time has come that the mess in your garage bothers you every time you see it. And, maybe you're tired of having to get out of your car to open the garage door manually because it's broken. From arranging for garage door services to organizing the garage, here are some ideas that might help.

Garage Door Repairs - Before you even start the cleaning and organization part of getting your garage in tip-top shape, make arrangements for a professional to repair your garage door. A professional garage door repair person will have the training and the experience to detect what the problem is in a short time. Of course, you're more than likely checked to make sure nothing is blocking the garage door's capacity to open, right?

If nothing is blocking the garage door, then the problem might be more complex. For example, it might be that the garage door Is off-track or that another mechanism actually needs to be replaced. Transmitter batteries might be dead, the photo-eye might be out of alignment or the springs that enable the garage door to open night be broken. The repair person will be able to take care of any of those problems. 

Garage Organization - While you're waiting for the garage door repair person to arrive, make an assessment of what needs to be done to make your garage look organized and clean. For example, if you're family members have turned the garage into a type of catch-allask each family member to retrieve his or her personal belongings and to put them where they belong. If your kids' bikes are part of the problem, think of buying a bicycle rack.

Make a list of things you need to buy in order to make the garage look nice. For example, if your spouse keeps things like craft items in cardboard shoe boxes, the boxes might have become dilapidated over time. Consider buying plastic storage containers for the craft supplies. Another idea is to store holiday decorations in stackable plastic storage containers. Color code them to go with each holiday. For example, Christmas decorations might be stored in a plastic container that has a red or green top.