4 Of The Biggest Trends In The World Of Garage Doors

Posted on: 26 August 2018

With advances in materials and shifts in the buying public's preferences in garage doors, it's likely that a lot has changed in the years since you last looked at options. Lighter and sturdier materials have become common in the last 10 years, and even the ways that garage doors open has changed. If you wondering what's out there besides the old roll-up, aluminum doors, these four trends might intrigue you.

1. Carriage Doors

Garage door services providers are now asked all the time about the carriage-style door. Immediately distinguished by the fact that it involves two panels that open outward like the doors of an old-time carriage, these models have become popular with folks who want a different look. They tend to be made with wood or faux wood grain materials, and they can give a residence a warmer and more inviting appearance than tradition garage doors. Advances in automation technologies and activation systems mean they're also just as convenient to use as more established styles.

2. Light and Stronger

The image of steel garage doors that were as tough as an old battleship sticks in the popular imagination, but manufacturers now have techniques to make steel doors much lighter. By sandwiching polystyrene materials between two sheets of steel, they can make products that have the toughness of steel and the lightness of other materials. This also means that the demand for a high-end, low-torque motor is no longer there. For buyers, this means they get longer-lasting doors that operate faster.

3. Sustainability

Given that garages are among the least eco-friendly parts of many homes, these spaces also offer a lot of low-hanging fruit for families that want to improve the sustainability of their residences. Wood products can be purchased from companies focused on sustainable sourcing. Many metal products designed to avoid rusting and extend longevity are also coming onto the market. Garage doors are offering higher R-values than ever before, too.

4. Design Choices

Garage doors have not historically been a hotbed of trendy color choices, but that has changed dramatically in recent years. Manufacturers are offering bolder color options than ever before, so the person who wants a deep red or a dark green won't have to search long and hard for something that fits the bill. With composite and steel manufacturing processes advancing, it's also possible to get doors that have been fashioned in a variety of shapes and textures.

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