Tips For Avoiding Garage Door Problems

Posted on: 16 November 2017

Having a garage is a useful amenity to have, but garage doors will have some important needs that must be met to keep them safe from suffering mechanical, electrical or other serious problems that could compromise its ability to work. When you are looking to keep your garage door in good working condition, you can find some fairly simple strategies to be extremely effective at helping you with this part of your house.

Ensure The Garage Is Adequately Insulated And Sealed

Automatic garage door openers will need to be protected from exposure to high humidity levels or direct contact with water. These substances will contribute to the opener suffering extensive corrosion that may cause the metal components to become brittle, warped or otherwise unable to function. Unfortunately, homeowners will frequently neglect to take steps to keep their garage insulated and sealed. Having sufficient insulation will help to keep outdoor humidity changes from having impacts on the humidity levels inside the garage. Furthermore, using weatherstripping along the joints and windows of the door will further reduce the ability of moist outdoor air from getting inside the garage.

Monitor The Garage Door For Signs Of Imbalances

A garage door that has come out of balance will pose a significant risk to the opener. When the weight of the garage door is not properly balanced, the uneven distribution of the weight can cause the opener to suffer serious mechanical failures due to the strain this can put on it. If you are wanting to protect your garage door opener against this type of wear, you will need to regularly perform a thorough visual inspection of the door when it is open. A door that is out of balance will likely have one side of it either higher or lower than the other.

Understand The Benefits Of Signing A Service Agreement With A Garage Door Service

A professional service visit can save your garage door opener from suffering serious mechanical problems. For example, a modern garage door opener will utilize a large spring to control the opening and lowering of the door, and failing to have it serviced and lubricated each year can contribute to the spring breaking. Unfortunately, if you are worried about the costs of these service visits, you may delay having them done or completely skip them altogether. You might be able to reduce the costs of these visits and ensure that you avoid forgetting to schedule them through signing a long-term service agreement.

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