What To Do When You Encounter 3 Common Garage Door Issues

Posted on: 26 October 2017

It can be easy to take your garage door for granted. When your garage door malfunctions, it can really be a hassle, especially if your vehicle is stuck inside of your garage. Three common tricky garage door situations include losing power, a frozen stuck door and a sagging door.

#1 Home Loses Power

When your home loses power, unless you have a generator, that means your automatic garage door is not going to work either. When the power is down, you can still get out of your garage.

Go into your garage and look up at the middle track that your garage door moves upon. Near the guide track, there should be a cord handing down that has a red handle on it. This red handle is designed to allow you to manually override the electrical set-up on your garage door. Pulling this cord downwards will allow you to override the electrical set-up and will allow you to manually push your garage door open and shut.

#2 It's a Little Cold Outside

Your garage door should continue to work correctly when the weather gets cold outside. However, if your garage door opener seems to lose power and doesn't operate correctly when it gets cold outside, the pressure setting for your garage door needs to be adjusted.

The manual for your garage door should let you know how to adjust the pressure ratings for winter weather and what settings to put your garage door on for opening and lowering the garage door. Either that or a garage door repair specialist can easily fix the pressure on your garage door, which will help your garage door operate smoothly even as the temperatures drop outside.

#3 Door Is Sagging Low

When your garage door starts to sag down low, it becomes incredibly hard to open. This happens a lot with older wooden garage doors, but it can also happen with newer garage doors and with different types of garage door materials.

A sagging garage door is just a natural process that happens over time. This is generally because the tension rods have lost their tension. To fix this, the tension rods just need to be straightened up. Working with tension rods can be delicate work, so make sure that you protect your body when working with tension rods.

Most of these common issue with your garage door are issues you can fix yourself or that can easily be fixed by a garage door repair specialist. Contact a company like Duncan Door Service Inc to learn more.