6 Tips To Fix A Garage Door That Will Not Open Or Close

Posted on: 26 September 2017

A garage door that will not open or close is not only a nuisance, but also a safety concern. For instance, if you and your family need to exit out of the garage due to an emergency and it will not open, a hazardous situation could be created. Therefore, it is important that problems with the door are addressed immediately. If your garage door is not opening or closing, here are a few troubleshooting steps to try before calling for help.

  1. Check the garage door remote. If the remote needs new batteries or is out of sync with the opener, it might not respond to the commands to open or close. Refer to your manual to find the correct battery size and to learn how to reprogram your remote.
  2. Inspect the garage door sensors. On both sides of the garage door are sensors that are aligned with each other. The sensors are designed to prevent movement from the door if there is an object detected in the path. If there are any objects blocking the path, remove them and retry the door.
  3. Realign the sensors. The sensors have eyes pointing towards each other that must be aligned for them to properly work. Your garage door's sensors have LED lights that will help you determine if they are properly aligned. If the lights are red or flickering, chances are, they are misaligned and need to be realigned.
  4. Disable lock mode. If your garage door is equipped with a lock mode, it could have been accidentally activated. If that is the case, the garage door will not move until it has been disengaged. Depending on your opener, you might have to enter a code or hold down the lock mode button to disarm it.
  5. Check for manual lock. Your door likely has an option to manually lock it if the automatic lock is not functioning. If your door is not responding to the remote's commands, there is a possibility that it has been manually locked. Depending on your door, you might need a key to unlock the door.
  6. Look for loose wires. With the jostling of the opener as it pulls your door open and close, the wires connecting it to the door can sometimes loosen. If you notice any wires loose, reconnect them and test the door.

Other problems with the garage door should be addressed by a professional garage door repair technician from a place like Allen's Sales & Installation.