Garage Doors And Hurricanes

Posted on: 15 September 2017

Garage doors are not something that many homeowners who live in hurricane-prone areas spend a lot of time thinking about. Often things like reinforcing the roof, storm shutters, and hurricane resistant windows take precedence when preparing for hurricane season. However, the garage door should also be considered when coming up with ways to prepare the home for hurricane season. Here are a few things to know about garage doors and hurricane force winds:

Garage Doors Are Susceptible To Wind Damage

The first thing that homeowners should know about garage doors is that they can be very susceptible to wind damage. Since garage doors are larger than other openings, they can be blown in when the wind picks up, and let wind and water into the home. Having a garage door that can hold up to the wind during a hurricane can help keep the home secure. Homeowners should check to see if their current garage door meets their state's wind load requirements. If not, there are a couple of options. The current garage door can be reinforced or a new garage door with reinforcement built into it can be purchased.

Reinforcing Current Garage Door

Reinforcing the current garage door is a great option if there isn't enough time to install a new garage door or if the homeowner is not willing to replace their current garage door. There are garage door bracing kits available that can make the door more secure for about a third of the cost of replacement. These kits cost between $150 and $500 and can be installed in less than an hour by a professional. Bracing a garage door is also something that can be done as a do-it-yourself project by handy homeowners.


More often than not, old garage doors are not able to stand up to hurricane force winds especially if they do not meet local codes. Replacement is an option that should be considered in areas where hurricanes are possible. Homeowners should look for garage doors that are either impact resistant or hurricane proof. These doors cost between $750 and $1,295. Hurricane proof garage doors can be pricey. However, for those in hurricane-prone areas, adding hurricane proof garage doors in addition to other improvements can lower insurance bills.

Garage doors can be a point of weakness in a home during a hurricane. For those living in parts of the country that are prone to these storms, making sure the garage door is able to stand up to the wind is important. Homeowners should know what wind speeds their local codes require their garage doors to be able to stand up to. They should also consider either replacing or reinforcing their garage doors before the start of hurricane season.